The Inspiration Den


I’m so excited to feature my friend Melinda Hagman in The Inspiration Den! Some of you might have recognized Melinda’s work from a previous feature/interview I did with her way back in 2011 on my old blog Jesse’s Girl . During that time Melinda was in the middle of her “Flowers” cycle. I was immediately drawn to her art, and had to share it with the blogosphere. It was around that time I got the idea for The Inspiration Den. I love the idea of sharing other artists’ points of view and what inspires them. The excerpt below is from the Jesse’s Girls post and below that is all about Melinda’s new art! Enjoy + Be Inspired!

Amber: Why did you decide to do this “flowers” project and how long are you doing it for?

Melinda: I got the idea for the “flowers” project from a friend. He was writing a short story once a week for the year. It was the first week of the year and I had just painted one flower painting and the idea hit me. So, I told my friend that I was going to steal his idea and do a flower painting once a week for the year. It was exactly what I needed to do. I had stopped painting after my first child was born almost eight years ago. For the last 3 years I have been saying, “I should start painting again.” I would do maybe one painting and then that was it. Now I have made a promise and that I will keep.

I chose only to do “flowers” because I wanted to challenge myself. It would be easier if I painted whatever I wanted every week; the challenge of making flowers different each week and playing with different styles and just to practice was my goal.
Today Melinda has started another series that’s by far my favorite, it’s her “Authors” series. I was able to do a short interview with Melinda, I hope your as inspired as I was!

Amber: Why did you decide to do an “Authors” series?

Melinda: I have worked at Barnes and Noble for many years and always find myself looking at the pictures of the authors. Every time I see a black and white photo of an author (especially pre 1950) I immediately want to paint it. I had been wanting to paint Hans Fallada for a year or two before I actually did. Once I painted him I couldn’t stop.

Amber: While painting these did you have music to inspire you and who was the most inspirational?

Melinda: It is very important to me to listen to music while painting. For some reason I am drawn to music that is a bit melancholic. This past year it has been a lot of This Mortal Coil, Dead Can Dance and some instrumental. I can’t say one inspired me more than any other on this project. However, This Mortal Coil is a major influence and inspiration for my next project.

Amber: Any shows we should be looking forward too?

Melinda: I have a few pieces in a show “Art with an Agenda presents: love. sex. unity. respect.” It is May 3, 2013, 6-10 the Magoski Arts Colony in Fullerton. It’s an art exhibition in support of marriage equality. Fifty percent of the proceeds goes to Aids Walk Orange County.

I also have paintings for sale/on display at Half off Books in Whittier.

After this month I am starting my next project which I will have a show for in October. The details are not yet final.

To check out more of Melinda’s artwork or would like to buy a piece of her work check out her FB PAGE + Etsy Shop.